Arnold (The creepy cat guy)
Arnold's First Pic
Age 40-50
Gender Obviously male
Race Human
Birthday Undetermined
Height Taller than Kizaru, but shorter than average.
Weight Undetermined, but assumed to be around average

The creepy cat guy is the nickname given to Arnold due to the fact that he owns tons and tons of cats in his tiny hut in the woods.

"Ayy little neko, want some candy? I got some candy 'round the back of mah hut! Just come on over! It'll be real fun!" -Arnold


Nobody really knows, or wants to know, his background. It is assumed he has no family, and his loneliness made him interested in cats and desperate enough to date the same gender. Though he lost all interest in girls.


He acts like a nice guy, and we can't really say he's mean. But no one likes him for his romantic interest in other men, and that he owns countless cats that even he has trouble feeding or taking care of.


Shorter than average, with glasses that look like Harry Potter's, and a really high voice.


There's nothing special about this man. Yay. He once used a double barrel shotgun, but it was broken the entire time. No one knew it was broken until he tried to shoot.


Arnold has a very creepy interest in Kizaru due the fact that he is a cat, and a boy, thus making him "Two times as good". Many times Arnold has attempted to capture Kizaru and other nekos, but he always fails due to his lack of weaponry and special abilities.