Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Birthday December 18
Height 200.66 cm
Weight 64.4101 kg

Galator is the King of Shadowmere. He is a well-known user of advanced magic. Galator seems to use his magic to further his studies into how magic truly works.


Hundreds of years ago, Galator became obsessed with power and darkness. This caused him to manipulate, lie to, and kill others for his personal gain. However, he was defeated by his apprentice, Nazu, and went missing for a number of centuries.


Galator appears to be a calm and collected individual who spends most of his time performing experiments to further his knowledge of how magic and the world work. He seems to enjoy peace and tranquility, as he is sometimes seen relaxing among nature. He also seems to want to redeem himself from his past sins.


Galator is a tall man with fair skin. He has long black hair that reaches down to his lower back. He wears dark grey pants and a dark grey shirt. Over this he wears a black robe with a white sash belt. He wears a red bead necklace and carries a Khakkhara staff. He also has six floating black orbs behind him. His eyes are dark purple.


Galator has been states by several people to be extremely powerful in combat. However, Galator himself stated that he possesses very little combat power, and almost all of his magical skill is supportive.

He has been shown, through one of his bodies, to use a form of magic that caused the air to become warm, and made the plants grow with life.

He also possesses something known as "The Enchanter", which allows him to enchant any item with any enchantment he desires.