Godmodders are one of the least appreciated types of rpers. Like the name hints at, they modify the rules to make themselves like a god.

As a general rule, godmodding is NOT allowed. Many godmodders don't even realize they are. Others may be trolls, or be fully aware of the fact they are godmodding and just don't care.

The border between being very strong and godmodding isn't the finest, but it's still pretty clear. A good rule to go by is that strong people have a weakness or a flaw, and godmodders don't. This rule works 99% of the time.

If you are confronted with a godmodder, ignoring is probably the best option. If you are a moderator or admin in the given server/place, you should (depending on the rules) tell them to stop godmodding, and if the problem persists, kick/ban.

What's typical of godmodders/overpowered peopleEdit

  • Having no weakness
  • Ridiculously strong attacks, such as attacks that will instantly kill people.
  • Being completely flawless.
  • The ability to summon anything at any given time.
  • Reviving dead people or even yourself.
  • Claiming that he/she is not a godmodder
  • Trolling

What isn't godmoddingEdit

  • Being strong or super good at something... but not perfect.
  • Knowing magic.
  • The ability to revive things not quite 100% easily or quickly.
  • Instant-killing IF IT MAKES SENSE, such as a stab to the heart.
  • Having a strong or super sharp weapon.

How to avoid being a godmodderEdit

  • Make sure you have an exploitable weakness or flaw.
  • Making yourself lack in some areas.
  • Allowing your character to die. (Within reason)
  • Use some common sense!