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Special ItemsEdit

Items here are truly special with magical properties.

The 3 Umbra Vita Gemmis books

One of the generic Roxas clone's chaos keyblade. (The only chaos keyblade to be summoned by any Roxas clone. SInce it is a summoned item, it couldn't have been picked up by someone else upon the clone's death. It is an ORIGINAL keyblade created by an unoriginal Roxas, capable of attacking in rapid speed, and using some minor dark spells. It bears resemblance to the chaos ripper )

Non-generic staffs/staves

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Apprentice Water Staff (Kizaru) A staff used to do simple water and ice spells. It's tiny.

Yuki's Water Staff (YukiA staff used to do more complex water and ice spells.

Staff of Flesh (Some guy) Mentioned from time to time. Thought to be a dark magic staff

Staff of a Thousand Pimpes (A generic wizard) Mentioned from time to time. Thought to be more of a joke, but it does actually exist.

Staff of the white ice (A generic Gandalf clone) One of the rare, unoriginal, Gandalf clones managed to have a staff capable of making white ice do things such as pick up his coffee or stab other unoriginal Gandalf clones. How someone decided to put Gandalf in anime is beyond us, but it happened... more than once. And that is why this item is notable.

Other ItemsEdit

Items here may be generic or slightly special. If they are worth a lot but are not VERY special,, put them here.

Yuki's trench gun and Arnold's double barrel shotgun. (Both are broken but stronger than the average variety if repaired/fixed)

Yuki/Kizaru's katana. (Used to kill a generic Roxas clone, Karl the teacher, and to block many attacks)