Nagista Narukami
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Age 16
Gender Male
Race Beigion
Birthday More unknown than you
Height 5'9
Weight 96 lbs / 44 kg

"No one is correct." -Nagista Narukami.

Nagista Narukami is the founder of A.N.F Facility.


A dimensional traveler, Nagista had wanted to find the portal with the 6 missing keys back in his own universe. He had a lot of friends, and did both good and bad deeds on the way down. [Eg: Saving them from a slaughter by going in first, and Buying a slave to get a key and later make her stop being one and kill the slave seller.] Once he got to the dimensional warp door and used all 6 keys to open it, it turns out once he went inside all of his friends had to be sacrificed in order to warp. It was too late when he realized it, and no, he isn't like cloud and going to whine about it the rest of his life.


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Is Elizabeth Narukami's brother.

Is Travis Loriagino's best friend.