Not to be confused with Kitsune. A kitsune will have a much more bushier tail, and different preferences of things.

What are Nekos?Edit

The word neko means "cat" in Japanese. When used in this wiki and many other things, it refers to the race of cat/human hybrids.

All nekos have a human-like body, cat ears, and a tail. But some things that differ from neko to neko are...

  • Tail/ear size
  • Tail/ear color
  • Having human ears with the cat ears (4 ears!)
  • Favorite fish
  • How much they like milk
  • Saying "Nya" or "Nyan", or the ability to meow.

Neko and Human relationships are possible due to their MANY similarities.

Nekos tend to like fish. Some like fish more than others, and also have specific fish that they enjoy the most. Tuna and salmon are the most favorited. Also, they are known to enjoy other forms of seafood, such as shrimp and even sushi, more than the average human. All nekos will enjoy milk too.

Some nekos, like Kizaru, will say "Nya", "Nyan", or even have the ability to meow.

Most nekos enjoy being stroked (not by random strangers) behind the ears and on the back. Stroking the tail should be saved for their lover.

Relationships With Other RacesEdit


Humans like nekos more than nekos like humans, but they share a friendship and very rarely does the race difference affect relationships and friendships.

Kitsunes: (Sometimes referred to as fox nekos)

Despite being canine, most nekos remain neutral or friendly to kitsunes. However, it depends on the neko, since not all nekos and kitsunes are friendly to eachother.


Completely depends on the neko. There is no known trend.

Wolf nekos:

The 2 races, just like average cats and dogs, hate eachother. Luckily, the nekos definately outnumber the wolf/dog nekos.

List of Nekos (With pages)Edit

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Hataruke Kizaru