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This wiki is designed for the roleplayers of Roblox who's themes relate to medieval, magic, or anime. Users can add their own pages for their characters, magics, organizations, and so on.


Common roleplay games of this genre are Kingdom Life IIDarkened Dawn, and similar roleplaying games.

Something Important

This wiki does not support godmodding. It also doesnt support characters that are unjustly OP.

Whats the difference between godmodding and being OP?

Godmodding is when the player attempts to, or succeeds to, make a character that is "flawless" and "perfect".

This is done by making their character immune to every form of attack, while being able to one-shot everyone else.

Being OP is simply making a character extremely powerful, though leaving some weaknesses for their character.

Any character that is invincible is godmodding.. Get out.

Any character that is overpowered without just cause, get out.

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